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Research & Scientific Instruments

We have been selected and represented for the distribution of analytical and scientific products including electro-optics, photonics, data acquisition, image processing and spectroscopy  instruments.

Access Laser - RF Excited CO2/CO
Logo-Avian Avian Technologies - A wide range of calibrated standards, diffuse coatings and materials for transmittance and reflectance
BroadWave Technologies - Attenuators, terminations, power dividers, couplers, rf detectors, impedance matching pads, adapters, and dc blocks
ELOVIS - Non-contact length and speed measurement devices and non-contact material testing
FAST ComTec FAST ComTec - Photon counting and TOF products
Femto Messtechnik - Amplifier and photoreceiver solutions
Frequency Devices - Analog and digital products for signal conditioning and processing and data acquisition
GAM LASER - Total metal/ceramic excimer lasers, pulsed ultraviolet excimer lasers, custom OEM excimer lasers and pulsed laser systems
ISS - Fluorescence correlation spectrometer, confocal lifetime maging, photon counting spectrofluorimeter, multifrequency cross-correlation phase
JETI - UV/VIS spectrometer, photometer, colorimeter and spectroradiometer for spectral measurement
KHS Instruments - A/D converters, CCD linescan cameras and controller, laser diode driver and monitors for energy and power
logotype Lumiprobe – Advanced chemicals for life science research and diagnostics
Lumitek International - Infrared detection products and electroluminescent lamps
[PhaseSpace Motion Capture Home] PhaseSpace - Optical motion capture systems 
Photoemission Tech, Inc. (PET) Photo Emission Tech - Optically stimulated electron emission (OSEE) systems
Prescott Instruments - Rheoline autoloader MDR, minitester rheometer, mooney-line viscometer, volumetric sample cutter and mooney sample cutter
PRIMES Primes - Characterizing laser beams equipment
Home Princetel - Fiber optic inter-connect products including fiber optic rotary joints
RAYLASE - Modular components and manufacturing subsystems (deflection units) for laser beam deflection, modulation and control including creative software & electronics
Seapoint SensorsUnder water optical sensors
Stanford Computer Optics - Ultra high speed scientific (ICCD) cameras, intensifier modules, and video spectroscopy systems
Stevens Stevens Water Monitoring Systems - Integrated hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic monitoring instrumentations
http://www.wiener-d.com/content/images/Wiener-Logo-Web.jpg Wiener - NIM crates & modules and multi-channel power supplies for nuclear physics labs



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